Management of Assets

  • An activity that consists of ensuring optimal management of your assets to reduce costs and obtain greater profit.
  • If you are looking to optimize the way your buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, land, etc., are managed, the Instituto de Análisis Inmobiliario can provide an Asset Management Service, giving you accurate information that will enable you to decide whether or not to continue operations, thereby improving the performance of your assets.
  • Our reports and interventions services can be provided for promotions already in progress or halted, for completed properties and for land.More information

Services geared to SOCIMIs

  • SOCIMIs are Limited Investment Companies Listed on the Real Estate Market, the business purpose of which is the possession of assets of an urban nature for leasing, in addition to the ownership of shares or stock in the share capital of other SOCIMIs and foreign entities involved in analogous or similar activities (REITs).More information

Statistical valuation

  • The statistical valuation of real estate assets using the latest techniques and statistical methodology.
  • Statistical and mathematical models to prove the efficiency and reliability of databases.
  • The creation of statistical and econometric programming for updating databases and market forecasts.

Corporate guidance

  • The execution of economic, sector and market surveys.
  • Assistance in the search for and acquisition of financing and the negotiation of debts.
  • Guidance on dealing with complaints.
  • Surveys on the creation of new financial products launched on the market.
  • The creation of consumer profiles.
  • Corporate guidance on strategic planning and risk.

Analysis of real estate markets

  • The analysis and valuation of real estate investments involving the acquisition of property, and the short and long-term profitability of the venture.
  • The preparation of business and future feasibility plans.
  • Participation in educational and training courses.
  • The compilation of market situation reports.

Information systems

  • The development of computer management solutions.
  • The integration of the management of the company with the Internet.
  • The design, development and hosting of Web pages.
  • The implementation of corporate networks.
  • Computer advisory services.


  • Implements internal control of Appraisers
  • Helps for detecting uncertain values
  • Provides automatic value estimations