The Institute of Real Estate Analysis (Instituto de Análisis Inmobiliario) is a Spanish company that works on researching, designing and developing mathematical and statistical models and information systems for analysing, monitoring and predicting real estate information.

The Institute bases its practice on three fundamental concepts: professional experience, models and a powerful, continually updated database. The legal aspects of the Instituto de Análisis Inmobiliario are supported by Euroval, a major appraisal firm that works with the Institute on technical development and on operating and improving the Institute’s updated and reliable database to ensure optimal use of this resource for producing studies and reports.

The professional approach of the Instituto de Análisis Inmobiliario is reflected in the trust placed in our organisation by academic institutions. We play an active role in delivering training courses and we make regular appearances in the media to talk about our work producing and publishing real estate reports and studies.

Member of:

Spanish Association of Value Analysis